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Back Then by bundle-w Back Then :iconbundle-w:bundle-w 1 3
Antologia - Anthology 12:34am
Antología: 12:34am
Memories Nocturnal
mis primeros poemas
de algo parecido al amor
los inspiró tu fantasma,
cientos de pixels por tí
una comunidad de amigos virtuosos, de arte.
poemas de cuervos  y lunas
hasta un acróstico y un wishing well.
palabras tímidas de días grises
me dejaste con mucho dolor y más preguntas—
es una pena que yo no aprendí
de una vez y contigo
que casi todos son así
Surprised By...
tú eras todo lo que yo anhelaba ser
(hasta estudiaste un semestre en el Viejo Continente)
te salía todo tan fácil y tan bien,
te admiraba
conmigo no eras cruel
¡qué sorpresa me llevé al saber que te quería!
pero fue lo mejor, lo más bello
tus manos ágiles -con las cuerdas
tu frente erguida -con las metas
tus ojos de cielo, tu pelo rizo.
para tí fui siempre una niña
tal vez con talento y buen
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February by bundle-w February :iconbundle-w:bundle-w 1 0 Febrero by bundle-w Febrero :iconbundle-w:bundle-w 0 0 Post-it Note 16: Uncertainly Relieved by bundle-w Post-it Note 16: Uncertainly Relieved :iconbundle-w:bundle-w 3 4 If I Am Not Stone by bundle-w If I Am Not Stone :iconbundle-w:bundle-w 5 0
Ojala te vea hoy
después de Les Miz
moría de envidia al ver de reojo
cómo disfrutabas tu tea latte con ella;
casi salto de alegría cuando dijiste
dos dias después
que no era una cita
que ya tenía novio tu amiga
me preguntaste sobre eventos
para el fin de semana, esa vez
admito que por un segundo me ilusioné:
anhelaba tanto pasarme un viernes en la noche contigo…
pero tan solo querías ideas
para conquistar a la rubia de Francés 202
me contagié de tu humor y tu energía,
los buscaba sin pudor y sin medida...
qué importaban las extensas madrugadas
y las 57 obras de historia del arte
o las 180 páginas de realismo mágico postcolonial—
si estabas cerca no tenía falta de café.
te extrañé tanto aquella semana de break!
en vano quise bendarte de ciertos recuerdos
con pláticas a media noche
del arte y el amor; las esculturas,
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[The end of] Daylight Savings Time
I did not come here to talk about the dusk
which used to be my twilight
until they made those movies that ruined the word
so now I’m stuck with a rhyme for dust.
I am not here to tell you about the sun
that left a while ago
that makes your white skin sing
in little tunes of jazz and blues
A few moments ago
the sun painted my skin blood-red
(when I showed up at the office with bare lips
my boss said I looked bloodless, too pale)
I have not come here to ask you
the overwhelming, universe-disturbing question;
I’ve got all
the pluck and spunk of Prufrock.
I came here simply
to save some time with you.
To take in the extra hour
that brings you closer for a week
(What did you really do with that dear hour?
Why didn’t you want to spend it with me?)
The sun grazed my face blood-red
The dusk, your arms azure
As we go back to normal days
I have come here to dream of you
Though I no longer do
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Winter has not kept us warm by bundle-w Winter has not kept us warm :iconbundle-w:bundle-w 1 6
the cold October air just pierced me
with one more of those clichés:
the painful stab, the pang
of just how much I miss you.
the colors and the breeze
a Springtime in reverse
and how I wish you’d see me
and how I want you with me
but you...
you make me so sad
so empty, so mad.
this place
do you think I’m steel?
do you think I’m strong?
could I spend this whole day crying?
could I send you one farewell?
would you see I move, I’m trying,
but you lay waste to lone
and many wishing wells...
this raw October air
this is Springtime in reverse
so I should start to care
perhaps a little less.
:iconbundle-w:bundle-w 5 3
The Halo Effect
I like a boy
who doesn’t see me.
I know I’m not pretty,
I should not be surprised.
Is it ok if this still makes me sad?
If, like a girl, I cry in sudden despair?
Dear friend,
I would love to tell you
all about him,
—more about me—
if you were not so warm,
not so bubbly,
not so far.
Dear friend,
thank you for calling me the other day;
I felt safe and cared for
in the nearness of your voice.
You’d be surprised if you knew
despite my stony, steely armour
my eagle eye for cynicism
despite the fake hopes, the supine ardours I abhor
how much this stupid boy has made me cry,
how I like his voice
how much crumbles my resolve when in his presence.
Perhaps I should
altogether cut it off
until I am
more sane and much better,
until he sees my worth
and values me as you do.
Dear friend,
how I miss your laughter
the love I saw resurface
your many tears after
so now I clap ‘longside your joy.
Thank you for making it easy
to stay in touch
and I really do wish
in not
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A las 10:00am - Morningside Moonlight
A las 10:00am
La luna se perdió camino  a casa
se quedó colgada del azul
de las diez de la mañana,
prendida de los pinos
curioseando en los negocios
de las flores mostaza, silvestres de oro
Yo me distraje con las tazas
del café sobre la mesa que olvidé,
con escaleras que ruedan inventadas
en bibliotecas fantásticas,
con cuartos escondidos
llenos de secretos
y de juegos de palabras—
las cosas que se dicen
al rozar cerquita el alba...
¿Que si voy a decírtelo?
¿Que si pienso contártelo?
Toda esta verdad
maldita, dulce, absurda
estúpida. Jamás.
[y aquí inserto tu nombre,
y otra vez—], jamás.
¿Que si voy a confesarlo?
Al espacio y las estrellas
los millares y centenas
de clicks y de bits
que siempre son los que se enteran:
les digo que sí.
que hace mucho que me gustas
que hasta pienso que me encantas
que has arruinado y encendido tantas cosas
:iconbundle-w:bundle-w 1 6
tornado watch day
I wouldn't mind being locked
on a tornado watch
in a room without icons
without ornaments or windows
with you
if the alarm went off
and we all needed to run, I'd be happy
to spend that time
to while away
the winds and the crashes
the basement hours
with you
I would be glad for the quiet
for the possible words,
the questions and dares
that intrigue me, unexpected
like colors splashed upon a stave
with you
but it's already 6 p.m.
the watch is lifted -
they say we're safe
:iconbundle-w:bundle-w 3 5
I am homesick
so tired
and sore-hearted
I want to tell you
that I want you
but would
your shores embrace
the billows of my self?
I want to tell you
that I missed you
would you guff at my confession
would you chain and cuff my words
   to make something more rational
   to keep a thing more sure?
:iconbundle-w:bundle-w 1 3
El hielo es fragil - Twenty-three seconds
El hielo es frágil
porque esa chispa tuya me dió un poquito de nostalgia
porque en 12 segundos te conté toda mi vida,
aunque hablamos no tan poco, yo hablé más
y todo lo que te conté fue sincero.
porque quisiera conocerte algo más todos los dias
mi vida en ese instante
saberme de memoria tu color y tu bebida favorita
te mostré algo frágil de mi alma y cuánto espero
estoy harta de las miles despedidas
que lo hayas olvidado!
la distancia y éstos códigos
postales extranjeros
hacen mella, cicatrices -
     del tul y la seda los lazos
     ligamentos quebrados.
la ausencia de amigos
estoy un poco sensible estos dias
la falta de abrazos me hiere
hasta he pensado que puedo o quisiera quererte
y estas palabras, que se cuelan
como el frío entre aquellas rendijas,
ahora entre las horas pequeñas
las horas tardías
resbalan insistentes
en las cosas que yo esbozo
al hablar y que me digo
están a salvo tan solo en papel
y sentadas en mi garganta
* * * * * * *
:iconbundle-w:bundle-w 2 9
I'm not 100% sure of what my type is any more, but this one made me teary-eyed. 

INFJ: Forgive yourself for the perfection you never achieved.

There was a time, INFJ, when you were certain of who you would become. There was a time when your ideals were sky-high and your plan for achieving them seemed flawless. But we both know that no plan is without its weaknesses. And it’s time that you forgive yourself for having encountered them. It’s time that you let go of the ideals you could not rise to, no matter how determined you once were. It’s time you stopped beating yourself up for not being ‘enough’ and started recognizing that having achieved something halfway truly is better than having achieved nothing at all. Your failures can be building blocks, INFJ, if you allow them to be. But first you have to make peace with the perfection that you did not to achieve.

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